Sunny Monday

I had a very interesting weekend…To set the scene, I took my Bernina 440 in for a long over due cleaning during the Holidays. Thinking I’ll pick it up in the next month or so, since I had another sewing machine, no rush right. I was sewing this weekend on the 2015 Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery Allirtare, when the 820 gave me a thread error, rethreaded a couple of times and the same error. I looked down on the bed of the machine and saw this little thin wire…yup the tension spring laying right there…no problem, I have a little feather weight I can keep on sewing. And after an hour, you guessed it the foot control stopped working. So now I’ve got no working machines… Before all the machines stopped I got 2 rows of of the mystery sewn. On to find something else to do…
Allirtare_2 rows_sm
So what’s next. I went to the art room and started working on my ATC for the swap on the 24th at Quilting Adventures. Now I’m actually ahead, I can check these off my list.
thanks for stopping by, check out what others are doing over at Patchwork Times

Hope you have a great week


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