another Monday

The weekends go by so fast, it hardly feels like I had one. It was also a little cloudy. I can’t get a good pictures with just the indoor light, thats my excuse anyway. The wool appliqué is almost done. I’m going to do some more hand stitching in the border, just a vine type thing, I like it. Its my first attempt at wool with stitching, looking forward to the next one.


Finally after 30 years in the same house I decided to put a curtain in my sewing room. I sewed up scraps till I had enough to fit the window. Not fancy but it beats a sheet…I made a yellow one for the bathroom, but I forgot to take a picture…

Next up was a fabric challenge for the Country School Quilters. we had to use these two fabrics or should I say I went with the blue and green group. I put the black on the back.
challenge cool Feather Leaf_1b_sm
Its from one of my doodles, stitched and painted, I really doing these.

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