Wonderful weekend

Flowers are starting to burst into bloom every where, I love spring!

Haven’t done much sewing, but I did finish my May UFO. Its a fish panel I got many, many years ago…like 6 or even 8 year ago. The Idea was to make it into a bed spread with the fish panel in the middle, very Asian inspired. But what I did do is a wall hanging. I still love the panel, its very peaceful, its hanging on a pale yellow wall in the sun room for right now.

The good news is I have finished all 6 of my UFOs for the Quilting Adventures Challenge! The bad news is I now need to find a new projects to start…OK maybe I should just dig out another unfinished one and get it going…but whats the fun of that, I think something new would be much more fun. Thanks for stopping by.

Check out what others are doing over at Patchwork Time.

2 thoughts on “Wonderful weekend

  1. Yep, new projects are more fun. Agreed. Meanwhile, I love the fish panel wall hanging; the selection of fabrics complements the panel perfectly as does the simplicity of the design.

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