snowed in and sewed like crazy

We had a snowy week last week and had an extra day off from work!
Love it when you get a spontaneous day off. I used the long weekend wisely and sewed up a storm. I finally did a real machine embroidery design. Up until now I’ve only done quilt label, I was to chicken to try a real design…but I did and now I can’t stop… I made this banner for the sun room. Makes it look all summery (not) with snow in the back ground….
The Design was Social Butterflies Design Pack_x7341 from Embroidery Library.

I also finished another UFO challenge project. Of course I’m not going in order…this one is for July…why did I do July’s? Who knows, it just felt right… Plus it was fun. Love the panel, I got it at from Artistic Artifacts. Wonderful store.
Thanks for stopping by, check out what others are doing over at Patchwork TImes

4 thoughts on “snowed in and sewed like crazy

  1. Sounds like your projects are leaning you towards warmer temperatures. Consider yourself that much ahead of your UFOs! I’m happy you’ve found your confidence; the results are impressive. Sandi

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