Happy Cyber Monday

I got a lot done over the Thanksgiving holiday. Long armed my Talking Turkey Bonnie Hunter quilt. I really like how it turned out. I started it last spring in Williamsburg when Bonnie came to town, wonderful class. Next up is to quilt the Boxy Star quilt from that same weekend.

My mom asked what I was going to do with the Talking Turkey when I quilted it and of course my answer was the same – “I don’t know, put it in the closet I guess” And she answered back very quickly, “you can put it on my bed…” and so I did, it looks really good in her room. The back turned out pretty cool as well….I did double batting, a layer of cotton and a layer of wool, its very toasty warm. I still need to put a label on it….there’s always something.

Of course no Thanksgiving weekend would be complete without working on the Grand Illusion Mystery quilt. I forgot to take pictures, but I did get all the HST sewn and mostly ironed before work today. I’m hoping I get clue 1 done by Friday. Hopeful, no promises.

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