Clue 3!!

not much sewing went on this weekend made a lot of Christmas cards forgot to take pictures…Cleaned-up the art room a bit (ok a lot it was a mess), should have taken pictures so I’d remember how long it took me to clean. Maybe that way I’d work at keeping it cleaner….Ha, Ha who am I kidding there’s better things to do then clean…Like start clue 3!!! Lots more to do but…its a good start. Thanks for stopping by, check out what other are doing at BH Grand Illusion And Patchwork Times

Part One DONE! Part Two Rolling Along…

I finished Part one of Grand Illusions Friday morning just in time to get the next clue. So far I’m keeping up…I’m enjoying the process. It really pays to have thing organized before it started. Thanks Shirley for the tips. I pulled all the fabric and had it ironed and ready to cut before Thanksgiving.


Part 2 is half way done. All ironed and ready to sew together.
Happy sewing. Go see what everyone else is doing on GIM
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Happy Cyber Monday

I got a lot done over the Thanksgiving holiday. Long armed my Talking Turkey Bonnie Hunter quilt. I really like how it turned out. I started it last spring in Williamsburg when Bonnie came to town, wonderful class. Next up is to quilt the Boxy Star quilt from that same weekend.

My mom asked what I was going to do with the Talking Turkey when I quilted it and of course my answer was the same – “I don’t know, put it in the closet I guess” And she answered back very quickly, “you can put it on my bed…” and so I did, it looks really good in her room. The back turned out pretty cool as well….I did double batting, a layer of cotton and a layer of wool, its very toasty warm. I still need to put a label on it….there’s always something.

Of course no Thanksgiving weekend would be complete without working on the Grand Illusion Mystery quilt. I forgot to take pictures, but I did get all the HST sewn and mostly ironed before work today. I’m hoping I get clue 1 done by Friday. Hopeful, no promises.

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