MIA Mondays…

I keep forgetting to take pictures of all that I’ve done, (or should have done)…
This weekend I finished this on point 9 patch star top. My friend Ellen and I cut the strips for this 3 years ago, LOL I think its about time I got mine sewn. Stills needs to be quilted. I’ll  put it in the “To Be Quilted” pile, and see if the quilt fairies take care of that for me.
A girl can wish can’t she. I really like this pattern.
Another finish for June’s UFO challenge at Quilting Adventures I’m calling it Looking Back. I really enjoyed adding all the beads. I should do more of this, its fun and its small 12×18.
Looking back_1sm
 done one more to go!!!

thanks for stopping by, check out what others are doing over at Patchwork Times



4 thoughts on “MIA Mondays…

  1. It’s always a good feeling when I finish a quilt top. The bold colours contrast wonderfully with the background.
    I haven’t been to QA for a few months. Maybe I’ll get a chance in August when me son goes back to VCU.

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