Happy Monday

I had a good Mother’s Day weekend. Hope everyone else did also. I Did a little bit of shopping with my mother and a little bit of crafty stuff. The flower box was a big hit my mom loved it. I got some fancy, shiny papers for making cards, and of course I had to try them out. I love this new toy…LOL The paper worked great in the die cutter.

Over the weekend the cactus started blooming like crazy looks so pretty. This is the most blooms I had it for a while.
BloomingRed Catus_1

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Have a great day!

Mother’s Day project

I decided to make an exploding box for Mother’s Day this year. This is the first one I’ve ever made and if I do say so myself it turned out very pretty. Its not to big about 4″ square by 4.5″ high with 3 layers. It took longer then I thought it would, lots of glue on this puppy. I wanted to go slow to make sure the layers and embellishments dried, patience…its hard to do when you want to keep adding and adding stuff. Can’t wait to make another one, this was really fun. So needless to say I didn’t get much sewing done over the weekend.

I used lots of die cut pieces for all the leaves and flowers. Such fun!!!
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