Happy Monday

Here’s my second paper piecing project. It’s not done yet still needs some borders. I really like the out come but paper piecing is a lot of work and wasted fabric. Maybe next time I need to do just one block and make pillows or small wall hangings instead of whole quilts…LOL
Pointing North

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13 thoughts on “Happy Monday

  1. Your thumbnail photo on Judy’s DWM caught my eye! What striking colors. I agree that paper piecing can use so much fabric. I did a PP kaleidoscope last year and was able to use the trimmings for a second quilt. OTOH, sharp points turn out so well with PP–I’d never try them with templates.

    • That was only the second thing I did paper piecing, so I may get use to it. For the borders I set up a cutting and iron table right next to the sewing machine and that seemed to make the process go a little faster/smoother so I may try another one. Your right the points are perfect and crisp and I like that part. Thanks for stopping by.

    • it from a class on Craftsy.com – Quick-Strip Paper Piecing with Peggy Martin. it was very good. I just played with the layout till I liked it.

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