Memory Monday

Dec 3, 2012  Design bed monday…
I’ve been helping a friend of mine learn to quilt. She’s made many baby quilts so far and this time she wanted to make a memory quilt with all her father’s shirts. She did a great job sewing it all together. I forgot to get pictures as we went but here’s the completed top before the quilting and binding. It ended up being a little larger then a lap quilt (it didn’t fit on the design wall so I had to use the bed). Hope her mother will love it, its a christmas present.
MemoryQuilt SUZ

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8 thoughts on “Memory Monday

    • I made the pattern for the bowls from a drawing of mine and then I used a votive cup to mold the leaf shape around. I used the votive cup with a candle and put them at everyones place. It looked really pretty with all the little candles lit. the InnSpire Plus stuff has good directions, plus I saw a demo on it way back when I bought it. The stuff has lots of good possibilities

  1. What did I miss. Leaf bowls??? Where. I didn’t see any on this post. Were they hiding under the bed or under the memory quilt. I’m stumped! The memory quilt of men’s shirts is super. I like that she used the whole front with buttons included. Real cute idea.

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