From Green to Gold

Fall has just magically appreared. One day the leaves were green and the next day they are gold and brown.

What I’ve been up to is working on some charity quilts and table runners for The Stitchers For A Cause. Fun group of Quilters. I took these pictures on the floor of the Church. It was hard to get the color right but these are close…LOL

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New week, new work

I recently signed up for coaching with Laura Cater-Woods  mainly to help me figure out where I’m going with my art. I felt like I was bouncing around with no real focus. So what I’m doing is working smaller and giving myself permission to experiment with different types of fiber and not have to create a masterpiece every time. My time is limited so working small will let me finish work quicker and see what I real like and don’t like. This weekend I worked on small 4×6 fiber piece. Here’s 3 that I like best the others need…well need something.

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