Design Wall Monday on Tuesday…

Forgot to take pictures over the weekend so I had to do it this morning. Didn’t do much sewing over the weekend, but I did get some tomato plants and flowers planted. And since it was raining this morning I couldn’t get pictures of the plants, but they are loving this rain. The only thing I did get done sewing wise are 2 rows on my red & black top. I need to figure out a name for this one. Its kind-of based on a pattern called “pane by pane”. I’m really liking this top, love the Marcia Derse fabrics. It will be a good size lap quilt when I’m done somewhere around 82″x99″…so I guess that’s closer to a full size. LOL

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Fun packed Weekend!!! Rainy Monday

We had a couple of great classes with Bonnie Hunter in Williamsburg. Sewed a lot, laughed a lot, just good old fashion fun with friends. She showed us a ton of very useful techniques. Some people came with the blocks almost done…(Shirley) LOL, but others like me only piles of cut fabric…
But it didn’t take long and I had a couple block 75% done. Still need to make the 4 million flying geese units. I only have 20 made and they aren’t sewn on yet. I’m starting to be a convert to scrappy…Really liked making string blocks
TalkingTurkey_Pieces&Block TalkingTurkeyBlock_1
is was the all day Friday class “Talking Turkey.” I decided to do mine in purples and yellows, instead of doing the reds and neutrals like in the book. On Saturday after the meeting we jumped right back into sewing on the “Boxy Stars” pattern. This is free on Bonnie’s website. So in keeping with my rainbow theme of late, I took 2 jelly rolls, light batiks and dark batiks and black for my background and started sewing away.

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I did it

I cut into my  Marcia Derse fabric. Love that stuff.
I’m using the shades of red I have for a quilt top. I’m kind-of using a pattern from an old fonts and porter mag., of course I can’t remember the name of the pattern or designer. I’ve modified it a bit with the colors using grey inplace of cream. It will be 20 blocks, and I think I will use the black for sashing, but I may go lighter and pull white from the corner squares.
I’ve got all the center red parts sewn just need to add the gray and black. The block size if 15″ when you add all the borders to it. So after the sashing between the block it will be a good size quilt. Should be around 87×100 ish if I add an additional border on the outside. Looking forward to finishing it up.
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Great Weekend

Did lots of sewing on Saturday with friends and the ATC swap on Sunday. Mom joined in on the swap, loads of fun doing art with her. I give her a corner of my art room when she moved in…we come from a long line of artsy people, its in our blood. Just have to create.

My cards
ATC_March_2014_total_sm MLG_ATC_March_2014_Totalsm
Mom’s cards
We had a small but good group (8 of us) at the swap, lots of discussion on technics. If you want to swap, join us next time at Quilting Adventures, May 25.

On Saturday I worked on several orphan blocks that someone donated to our charity group. I loved the colors in all of them. Pretty blue batiks how can you go wrong with batiks…OK one of them was done out of Moda Chocolate fabric so not all batik fun…I’m making them into table toppers for our Bazaar in November. Just need to sandwich and quilt them.

ChurchTopper1 ChurchTopper2


I also cut into my Marcia Derse fabric…more on that next week.

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Label is done, plus more

I just need to sew it on….I love this quilt. I used wool batting I got at Quilting Adventures, it just makes it so cozy and warm. I would like to say I’ve used up a ton of my batiks but, sadly I still have a huge pile. Guess I’ll just have to make another one. This quilt is my April’s UFO project, so glad its done early!!! Really like how this turned out.

I also got all my fabric cut for the Bonnie Hunter class next month. We’ll be making Talkin Turkey, I’m doing it Purples and Yellow.

Busy next couple of months can’t wait.
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1, 2, 3

I’ve been sewing up a storm and getting a lot done. I joined my local quilt store (Quilting Adventures) UFO challenge again this year and already have some of them done. Its good to have a snow day when your stuck inside…I’ll have pictures of them in a later post.

I did make good progress on Rachel’s quilt. Top and backing are done and Its ready for quilting. I also got Evan’s and Katie’s top done this past weekend. It went from this
Another 90 blocks to this in about 2 days of serious sewing
That’s 2 large queen size quilts ready for quilting…I love this pattern set on point, really looks good. The other great thing is I have enough blocks to make another one. Why make one when you can do 2 or 3 at the same time. LOL

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Long time

Its been ages since my last post. I’ve been a little busy with a relocation. The day before the move the weather was horrible, not sure it would take place…
But the next day the sun was out and all was well. The moving Van showed up on time and box after box when out the door. They had the truck load in about 2 hours, fast and friendly guys!
The next day they arrived at the new location and loaded up my living room…LOL
The good thing was by the end of the weekend we had all the boxes unpacked and moved to the new room.

On a quilty note, I did get some sewing in over the holidays. A couple of friends and I have been getting together on New Years day for sewing & cutting, eat and sew & cut some more. I worked on these blocks below for my nieces quilt. Got a ton done, 140 blocks.OhHappyDay_Blocks_1

I only needed about 60 for the top…LOL guess I’ll be making another one…or 2
By the end of this weekend I had the top sewn together. I did it on point so it made it get large really fast. I think its Queen size or will be with a little border. Really like the dark set in triangles
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